Is psychoanalysis for me?


That depends.

On your level of curiosity, mainly. On your tenacity. And on your preparedness to discover things about yourself that may not be what you expected.

If something about yourself is troubling you, puzzling you, disturbing you, or simply intriguing you, and if you feel that it is time to get to the bottom of it, that perhaps this is the only way of moving forward, then psychoanalysis is for you.

You may have other questions and concerns, and this is quite normal. But these are things we can work with; they may even have something to do with who you are and what your unconscious is up to. Initial meetings are a good place to talk about doubts of any sort without any obligation to commit to an ongoing analysis or therapy.

Finally, whether psychoanalysis works for you or not will depend on you finding an analyst/ therapist that is a good fit for you. This can be hard, and it can take time, but there is no point working with someone you are fundamentally uncomfortable with. Formal qualifications are but one factor; personality is just as important. Ask your questions. Trust your instinct.