Isn’t it all about neurosis? I think I’m a lot more mad than that…


The times when psychoanalysts routinely dismissed patients with complex problems as ‘unsuitable’ have gone, thankfully. This does not mean that it is advisable for anyone to enter an intense process of psychoanalysis. It needs to be thought about carefully, and there is no blanket answer. For me, your desire to start long-term therapy is what matters most.

Madness has a bad reputation, and you may be used to encountering people who are trying to talk you out of it, change you, ‘fix’ you, and make demands on you to subscribe to their own views of reality. I think madness deserves some respect, first and foremost. No one who has not lived your life is in a position to tell you what is real and what is not. I would want to listen to you and learn about how the world works for you (and how it doesn’t), at your pace, and at your discretion.

In our initial meeting(s) we can explore together how best to move forward.